What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is both a state of mind and a method of communicating directly to the sub-conscious mind for the purpose of changing the programming or accessing higher wisdom.

As a state of mind hypnosis is something all of us experience several times each day. It might be when we first wake up in the morning or as we fall asleep at night. Sometimes it's during a captivating story or while watching a movie or reading a book. What makes this state of mind special is that our minds are more open to accepting new good ideas or suggestions.

As a method of communication with the sub-conscious mind it allows us to go inside and make changes to the part of our mind that generates our habitual behavior. Experts agree that in any given day our habitual behavior is responsible for over 90% of what we do. Old habits can be hard to break but new habits are easy to make.

Almost anyone can be hypnotized, with a little practice and once you open to this part of your mind the changes you can make are only limited by your imagination...

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