Balanced Nutrition Is Key...

Nutrition is a fundamental part of any health and well-being program and remember you can't supplement your way out of something you've eaten yourself into . In other words there is no amount of nutrient supplements that can make up for a lack of basic healthy foods as the corner stone of your daily intake. If you stop and think about it everyday 500,000,000 of your cells die off and 500,000,000 cells are born to replace them. The quality of your food intake determines the quality of the "new you" being manufactored.

In this day and age of potions, pills and tinctures it's very common for people looking for the latest, greatest new supplement to be the answer to their health concerns. Asking the question which supplement is the one for me, rather than asking the question would supplements be helpful in this condition?

I am not saying that supplements don't have their place in the restoration of health, what I am saying is that first and foremost make sure you're eating a well balanced, freshly prepared and vibrant selection of vegetables, fruits, grains, lean protein, nuts/seeds and water. Once these are in place any supplements you may choose to take will have a more positive benefit.

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