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Practicing self-hypnosis is like gardening your mind, part weeding, planting, tending and harvesting. Using self-hypnotic techniques you can begin to work with your mind like a gardener works with his garden. Deciding what to plant, weeding out anything not consistant with the desired harvest, tending the new growth and harvesting the fruits of your labor.

Remember that 60,000 thoughts per day circulate through the pathways of your sub-conscious mind. These thoughts determine which of your inner resources are tapped into and which lye dormant like seeds waiting to be watered. Creating change requires us to change some of these thoughts

Since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis you can learn to make the same changes on your own that you could do with therapist directed hypnosis.

I teach self-hypnosis in a course called "Learning to Garden Your Mind." I teach this course several times each year in the Hillcrest/Downtown area near my office. Contact me directly to ask any questions or discover the next upcoming class.

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